Wednesday, May 28, 2014


The band from down under came to LA and conquered!

Last night the Australian band Wolfmother played a surprise concert at the Echoplex in Echo Park, CA and blew the packed house away! The band started at 10 PM sharp with their hit "Dimension." As I stood on a bench I could see the energy being shared between the band and a crowd of 700 banging heads.

The singer/ guitarist Andrew Stockdale has an incredibly unique voice that is a key characteristic of the band as well as his big head of hair. The bassist/keyboardist Ian Peres knows how to entertain his audience by jumping sky high and landing on the chords of his keyboard.  The music made the sober people seem drunk and the drunk people look bat shit crazy! A mosh pit formed near the start of the set and continued through the entire hour and a half show.

The band played all their familiar hits and came back with "Joker and the Thief" for their encore which turned the crowd into one big riot. Fans roared as they crawled onto the stage to share a performance with the band and jumped back into the crowd as the roadie failed to catch each one. It was an incredible sight to see and I was glad to be proven that the rock scene for our youth is still alive and well.

Cost for ticket: $17
Getting lost in a Wolfmother performance: Priceless


1. Dimension
2. New Moon Rising
3. Woman
4. I Ain't Got No
5. White Unicorn
6. How Many Times
7. Apple Tree
8. Mind's Eye
9. Feelings
10. California Queen
11. Heavy Weight
12. New Crown
13. Vagabond
14. Tall Ships
15. Love Train
16. Colossal
17. Joker & the Thief

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Trivia: Andrew Stockdale collaborated with Slash on a track for the former Guns N' Roses' guitarist's first solo album Rock N' Fn' Roll titled By The Sword. Check it:

Download "By the Sword" here:

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