Monday, January 5, 2015

Album Review: Royal Blood

Gene Simmons recently stated that "Rock is Dead," but then came a band from the UK to prove the blood spitting demon wrong, Royal Blood.

Only sporting a bass player and drummer, this dynamic duo stirred up a 10 track album filled with nothing but hard rock melodic hits!

I would compare their style to bands like Black Keys, Jack White, and Led Zeppelin all wrapped in a single 2 piece band.

The first song that stuck out for me was a tune called "Little Monsters" which has this incredibly heavy opening riff that goes into a softer verse and then back into a heavier unforgettable chorus. Once you get a taste of it you'll play it on repeat for the rest of the week. Then from that jam another song that caught my ears was "Ten Tonne Skeleton" which has this creepy dark heavy riff that will make your head bob up and down without you even knowing it's happening.

There isn't a single bad song on this entire album and the musicianship is incredible. I heard their shows are even better so I'm now waiting for them to do a headlining show in LA.

I highly recommend all my rocker friends to give this band a listen. They are the answer to our prayers for keeping rock in the scene now let's join them in proofing that rock can never die!

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